Hole-by-Hole Descriptions

The Back Nine

Hole #10 This par three plays longer than the yardage indicates, especially if the pin is placed behind the bunker that guards the front right side of the green. (Blue: 164 yards, White 152 yards, Red 141 yards)

Hole #11 A downhill tee shot to this par four should favor the right side of the fairway. A tee shot played to the left may be blocked by a tree at the bottom of the hill. An uphill second shot is played to a green that slopes from left to right. An approach that misses right may find trees and left may find a bunker. (Blue: 374 yards, White 351 yards, Red 284 yards)

Hole #12 An uphill par three that requires anything from a medium iron to a wood, depending on the wind. The right side of the green is protected by a bunker and a miss to the left will leave the player with an uphill chip from heavy rough. (Blue: 197 yards, White 186 yards, Red 164 yards)

Hole #13 Out of bounds protects the left side of this par four and trees line the right side of this right to left sloping fairway. The left side of the fairway is the ideal place to play the uphill second shot. The green is one of the most severely sloped on the course. (Blue: 321 yards, White 312 yards, Red 255 yards)

Hole #14 This is the only par five on the back nine and it again features out of bounds to the left. Big hitters may try to cut off some of this dog leg left hole, but they will risk out of bounds and trees. The safe tee shot is played at a red barn seen in the distance from the tee. The second shot is played to a left to right sloping fairway, making for a difficult third shot to a green guarded both left and right by bunkers. (Blue: 547 yards, White 533 yards, Red 468 yards)

Hole #15 A dogleg right par four, this tee shot should be played down the right side of the fairway. The right to left slope of the fairway can make the second shot longer. The uphill second shot is played to a green guarded by a bunker on the front right side. (Blue: 376 yards, White 369 yards, Red 332 yards)

Hole #16 If the wind is at your back on this downhill par three, it could be a short iron shot, if it is in your face you will need two or three more clubs. A bunker guards the front of the green and getting up and down from behind or left of the green is difficult. (Blue: 158 yards, White 145 yards, Red 115 yards)

Hole #17 An ideal drive on this dogleg left par four should be long and favor the right side of the fairway. Drives played too far to the left may be blocked by trees or obscure the view of the green. The relatively short second shot will be played to a green that is guarded on both sides by bunkers. (Blue: 343 yards, White 330 yards, Red 293 yards)

Hole #18 The closing hole is an uphill par four and is the longest par four on the course. Only the longest hitters will be able to see the green for their approach shots. The green slopes gently from back to front. A miss to the left will leave an uphill chip from heavy rough. (Blue: 396 yards, White 363 yards, Red 330 yards)

[Hole descriptions courtesy of Tom Sherry]

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