Hole-by-Hole Descriptions

The Front Nine

Hole #1: The ideal drive on this par four is down the left side of the fairway. This will open the green to a short second shot. Fairway bunkers are situated on the left and right hand sides. A bunker also guards the right side of the green. Better to miss short than long on this green. (Blue: 315 yards, White 292 yards, Red 286 yards)

Hole #2: The longest par three on the course and it plays longer than the yardage indicates. The tee shot is uphill to a narrow, severely sloped green. (Blue: 208 yards, White 184 yards, Red 218 yards [par four])

Hole #3: A par five that is reachable in two for the long hitter. Pine trees line the driving area left and right. A large tree guards the left side of the green and bunkers flank the front, both left and right, of this back to front sloping green. (Blue: 467 yards, White 451 yards, Red 404 yards)

Hole #4 Out of bounds is tight to the left of this fairway. With trees down the right side, this can be an intimidating tee shot. The second shot on this par four must be played to a small green with a bunker to the left. (Blue: 370 yards, White 316 yards, Red 306 yards)

Hole #5 This is the longest hole on the course, and again there is out of bounds down the left side of this par five. Even with two good shots the player is usually left with a fairly long third shot to the flattest green on the course. (Blue: 592 yards, White 567 yards, Red 472 yards)

Hole #6 Another par five that may be reachable in two, under favorable conditions, for the longer hitters. The driving area of this fairway is also lined with trees left and right. The third shot is played uphill to a back to front sloping green that is guarded by three bunkers. (Blue: 507 yards, White 493 yards, Red 441 yards)

Hole #7 A par three that requires a short to middle iron from the tee to a relatively flat green. An elevated bunker will catch shots hit to the right of this green, making for a difficult up and down. (Blue: 162 yards, White 142 yards, Red 132 yards)

Hole #8 The tee shot to this short par four is played downhill, and there is a pond to the right of the fairway. Players may elect to lay up on the tee shot in order to get a level lie for the second shot. The short second shot is uphill to a back to front sloping green. A bunker guards the front left corner of the putting surface. (Blue: 289 yards, White 284 yards, Red 279 yards)

Hole #9 The inward nine closes with another short par four that plays uphill all the way to the green. Trees line both sides of the fairway and a pair of bunkers may come into play on the tee shot. The second shot is played uphill to yet another back to front sloping green. (Blue: 280 yards, White 276 yards, Red 271 yards)

[Hole descriptions courtesy of Tom Sherry]

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